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  • MitoPTTM TMRM Reagent – lyophilized – to prepare a 1 mM stock solution, 10X Assay Buffer, 125 ml, 600 uL vial Carbonylcyanide m 50 mM – chlorophenylhydrazone (CCCP)
  • concentrate on DMSO.

Preparation and storage

  • Store unopened kit (and each unopened component) at -20 degrees C until the expiration date.
  • Protect MitoPTTM TMRM Reagent from light at all times.
  • Once reconstituted, the 1 mM MitoPTTM TMRM stock should be stored at -20 degrees C protected from light.
  • Shelf Life: Reconstituted 1 mM MitoPTTM TMRM stock is stable for up to 12 months and can be thawed three times during that time.

Product note

Information selected from the online data sheet is extracted from bioinformatics databases, occasionally resulting in the ambiguous or irrelevant product information. It is the customer’s responsibility to review, verify and evaluate the information to make sure it matches their requirements before purchasing the kit. The essays in our ELISA kit are dynamic research tools and can sometimes be updated and improved.

If the format of this assay is important to you, please request the current manual or contact our technical support team with a pre-sale consultation before placing an order. We will confirm the current details of the trial. We cannot guarantee that the sample manual posted online is the most current manual, it is intended to serve as an example only. See the instructions for use provided with the test kit for precise details.

Other notes

Small volumes of MitoPT TMRM MITOCHONDRIAL MEMBRANE POTENTIAL KIT Assay Kit vials may occasionally get caught in the product vial seal during shipping and storage. If necessary, briefly centrifuge the vial in a benchtop centrifuge to dislodge any liquid on the lid of the container. Some products may need to be shipped with dry ice and an additional fee may apply for dry ice.

Related Product Information for MITOCHONDRIAL MEMBRANE POTENTIAL MitoPT TMRM KIT Assay Kit

Description: The MitoPTTM TMRM Kit uses a quick and easy staining method to clearly differentiate between non-apoptotic and apoptotic cells through mitochondrial functionality.

Test principle: an early indication of apoptosis involves a collapse in the electrochemical gradient across the mitochondrial membrane. Loss of mitochondrial membrane potential can be detected by a unique fluorescent cationic dye known as TMRM (Tetramethylrhodamine Methyl Ester), which has been incorporated into the MitoPTTM TMRM Kit.

MitoPTTM TMRM reagent easily penetrates cells and enters mitochondria. It aggregates in the mitochondria of non-apoptotic cells and exhibits a bright orange / red fluorescence, whereas in apoptotic cells it diffuses throughout the cell. Once dispersed, the reagent assumes a monomeric form and exhibits a low orange / red fluorescence level. This allows easy distinction between apoptotic and non-apoptotic fluorescent cells that can be read with a flow cytometer, fluorescence microscope, or fluorescence plate reader using black microtiter plates.

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